The Trinity Strand Trail

Our project has been ongoing since 2002 when Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail was first formed. We are now at Phase 3 of our initial master plan. With funding, our organization will continue to design and construct the trail along the Trinity River and provide Dallas with another beautiful and recreational source to hike, bike and walk throughout Dallas. The core components of our project includes the design of Phase 3, construction of Phase 2 and 3, and the environmental portion of our project. Design of the trail will involve local architects and artists working together on the beautification and physical design of the trail along the Trinity River Channel as well as bridges and other necessary components that make the trail accessible to all. Simultaneously, environmental scientists and volunteers will be working alongside to restore the natural greenspace of the Old Meanders and bring life of all kinds back to this area of Dallas. Our proposed program will run for approximately 24 months and include construction for Phase 2 of the trail, and designing and planning for Phase 3. Upon completion, the Trinity Strand Trail will connect over 73 miles of trail in the Dallas area including: the Southwestern Medical District, Dallas Market Center, Downtown and Uptown Dallas, Stemmons Corridor businesses, and the Dallas Design District. Trinity Strand Trail will also play an integral role in connecting various trails, neighborhoods and communities in Dallas.

Current Project Status

The trailhead at the end of Hi Line Drive was built in fall 2009 and construction on our plaza at Turtle Creek was completed in May 2010. Both of these trailheads are on the original Trinity River channel, also referred to as “Old Meanders”. Unlike most trails that use abandoned railway corridors for their path, Trinity Strand Trail acquires land for portions of its trail through landowner donations. We had over 218K square feet of land donated by area stakeholders for Phase 1. Trinity Strand Trail has raised $5.5M in funding for Phase 1 (2.5 miles of concrete trail along the old river channel). We officially opened the first 2.5 miles in September 2015. Yes, the first phase is finally open!!

We have also funded $400K for Phase 2 through the Dallas Design District TIF. Phase 2 includes the design and construction drawings of two miles of soft surface trail along the opposite side of the river channel with numerous low water crossings and bridges throughout the channel. Both trails will run alongside the old Trinity River channel…a beautiful and natural greenspace in our city that has been neglected and somewhat forgotten. Trinity Strand Trail is working to restore this area and bring it back to its natural state with the environmental restoration piece of our project. Although design for Phase 2 is completed, we still need funding to begin construction on this segment.

We were allocated over $3.3M in the 2012 bond program to design and build the Medical District portion of our trail. This trail will travel through the Medical District, past the Market Center and Parkland DART stations, terminating at the Inwood DART station. In late 2015, we began design on this phase of the trail.