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Phase 1 Construction

The Notice to Proceed for Phase 1 construction was issued by the City of Dallas and construction officially began on November 29, 2012. We now have a bridge at Sylvan Avenue (close to Irving Boulevard) and further work has been done on the 2.5 miles along the old river channel. Various sections have been paved and we are almost done! After years of hard work, along with the dedication and determination of friends, supporters and contributors, the time has finally come...we're building our trail!


The Trinity Strand Trail contract for Phase 1 was awarded to RoeschCo Construction and approved by the Dallas City Council on September 12, 2012. Using funds from our NCTCOG grant and city bond financing, we have funded construction for this portion of the trail. Phase 1 construction consists of 2.5 miles of concrete trail along the old Trinity River channel, traveling from the intersection of Oak Lawn Avenue and Stemmons Freeway to Farrington Street. This path winds through the Dallas Design District and extends near the Southwestern Medical District. Each piece of property on Phase 1 has been generously donated to the City by area landowners. Construction on this phase should be completed by winter 2014.


Please check our Facebook page for updated photos of the trail construction. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction in your area, please contact Richard Ritz with the City of Dallas at 214.670.4104. For immediate construction concerns on or around your property, please contact RoeschCo Construction. Also, please note that the trail is considered "closed" until it is officially opened by the City of Dallas. Thank you!

New paved section
New paved section


Soft Surface Design


On August 22, 2012, Dallas City Council approved $400K in Design District TIF funds to be used for design of the Trinity Strand soft surface trail. This trail will travel along the old Trinity River channel and run parallel (on the opposite side of the channel) to the concrete trail we are building in Phase 1, thus giving us another 2 miles of soft surface trail in addition to the 2.5 miles of concrete trail in Phase 1. The soft surface trail may be used by pedestrians and runners and the concrete trail will be open to all non-motorized traffic, including bicycles. Design activities on the soft surface portion began fall 2012 and will be completed by June 2014.


Trinity Strand Trail/Katy Trail Master Plan Completed

We have partnered with the Friends of the Katy Trail to connect both trails at Goat Hill and the land donation, valued at $2M, was secured in November 2007. The master plan for the Connection was approved by the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Board in 2011, and 50% of the schematic design and 75% of the hydrology studies are also complete.


Turtle Creek Plaza Completed

What an exciting day for Trinity Strand Trail! On May 18, 2010, we held a press conference with former Mayor Tom Leppert and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano (also the Councilmember for our district) to showcase a major milestone for our project... the completion of Turtle Creek Plaza. After years of hard work, not to mention the dedication and determination of many special friends, supporters and contributors, we were able to celebrate this great accomplishment.
The design of Turtle Creek Plaza, including the bright blue sculpture and several additional unique elements, mirrors the look and style of other environmental art in the Design District, where the plaza is located. These design elements also give Turtle Creek Plaza a special charm and aesthetic appeal. Please visit our plaza at 1271 Turtle Creek, between Irving Boulevard and Market Center to see for yourself!


Trailhead at HiLine Drive

Our trailhead at the end of Hi Line Drive was completed in fall 2009. Thank you PegasusAblon for your help!