Building a Better Dallas with The Trinity Strand Trail

Over the past eight years, the mission to build a better Dallas evolved from an idea to the forming of Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail in 2002 to securing funding and land donations to where we are now, Phase 3 of the initial master plan. Although the plans are completed, and sections of the trail are open to the public, this project is far from over and far from needing your help.

With continued funding, the Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail will be able to continue to construct a path along the Trinity River that provides Dallas with an economically beneficial and beautiful recreational source that will further unite our city. The execution of the project has helped to bring together local architects, artists, environmental scientists, and volunteers who have been passionate about restoring the life of all kinds to this somewhat forgotten area.

Upon completion, the Trinity Strand Trail will be over 73-accessible-to-all-miles of trail that connect major areas of Dallas including the Southwestern Medical District, Dallas Market Center, Downtown and Uptown Dallas, Stemmons Corridor businesses, and the Dallas Design District. In addition to connecting these thriving districts, the Trinity Strand Trail will also link together various trails, neighborhoods, and communities.

Trailhead and greenway projects play a vital role in American cities because of the substantial economic benefits that their users generate. Not only do trail systems attract new businesses, but they also provide alternative active transportation options for easy commuting. This-in-turn helps individuals and families to offset the impacts of gasoline inflation and soaring healthcare costs. Additionally, as transportation and healthcare savings grow, individuals have more disposable income. The Trinity Strand Trail, in particular, provides a direct connection from housing neighborhoods to shopping and dining districts. This trail, along with similar projects, will no doubt help to increase purchases that fuel the retail and dining industries, home buying, and the private sector.

Already, the city of Dallas is a popular destination for visitors thanks to the number of growing company headquarters bringing in professionals on business trips and those who come just for the fun of it. With so much to see and do, it can sometimes feel that the Dallas suburbs are fighting for attention. The Design District has always been able to stand out due to the lively dining and shopping options available, the numerous breweries such as Peticolas Brewing Company and Community Beer, the Goss-Michael Foundation, the Continental Bridge, and many other noteworthy institutions. While it is clear that the Design District holds a lot of value and character on its own, greenways often provide a popular tourist attraction that generates additional expenditures on lodging, food, and recreation-related services. Out of town guests that might not have access to a vehicle staying at the Hilton Anatole, the Renaissance Dallas Hotel, the W Dallas – Victory, or any number of hotels in the area can utilize the Trinity Strand Trail for direct access to the other companies helping to bring value to this unique corner of Dallas.

If you believe in the value that the Trinity Strand Trail will ultimately bring to Dallas, then there are many ways that you can get involved to help secure the conclusion of the project. Find the best commitment level for yourself (volunteer, sponsorship, or membership) by visiting The Trinity Strand Trail РGet Involved Page because together, we can build a better Dallas.