Walking is indeed considered as one of the most essential workouts one can ever do. However, as simple as it may be, it undeniably draws amazing benefits to one’s health. “Aside from that walking is a really simple and easy exercise, it is also affordable. You can lose a lot of fats and can get the energy your body needs after walking for an hour or a half. Walking is really one activity that one who wants to be healthier can depend on.”

Move Your Body
Walking counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes. It helps tame a sweet tooth. It likewise helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. Any physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer. However, an American Cancer Society research proved that women who walked more than seven hours a week had fewer chances of developing breast cancer by 14% than those who walked less than three hours per week. Walking is an excellent form of protection for women who are at high risk with cancer factors.
Walking likewise helps ease joint pain. Several medical studies have found that taking walks help to reduce pain from arthritis and taking long walks can help prevent it from forming. This form of exercise is great for protecting the knees and the hips from forming osteoarthritis. It lubricates the joints and strengthens the muscles around the. On the other hand, walking is proven to improve the immune system by allowing your body to protect you during the flu season naturally.

A study found that 43% out of the 1,000 men and women who walked a minimum of 20 minutes per day, five days a week, had fewer chances of getting sick compared to those who exercised only once a week.

Step The Stress Out
Staying indoors can be very monotonous. The feeling of boredom can drive stress and produce unusual emotions that can affect oneself negatively. However, seeing people moving or drawing your eyes to the sketch or nature while walking is definitely a relief and can keep you stress-free.

Hop On The Map
Walking can make you more familiar with your surroundings. While walking on the streets or places near your home, you will definitely be surprised by the discoveries that you will get from the people, the market, and all trends in the place. You can plan your activities better. After all, being familiar with the place you stay in is a must as it provides safety and security to your everyday life.

Do it now
There are so many ways that can improve one life from health to wealth, and walking is definitely one of them. You have to stretch those arms up, put in your best footwear, and take the steps that can make yourself healthier and wealthier. When? There is no more good time but now. Walk and say hello to that better and new you. We personally recommend you start at the Trinity Strand Trail!