Texas is known for being bigger and better, and that includes our generous spirits. Communities Foundation of Texas hosts the largest community-wide giving event in the nation, North Texas Giving Day, which has raised over $290 million over the past eleven years. North Texas Giving Day is an 18 hour long, online event that will be happening this year on September 17th. Designed to build awareness and support for nonprofits by empowering every person to give back to their community, North Texas Giving Day demonstrates how much we believe in our nonprofit sector.

No doubt, the year 2020 has come with a lot of uncertainty for many people in our community. This year has challenged our ideas of security and prompted communities everywhere for action and change. As the current climate continues to evolve, we can find comfort in the strength of one another because when we do our part individually, we are helping out the collective.

Let’s be there for each other; when we give together, we grow together! Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day is an event that lifts giving and engages the entire region to support local nonprofits, celebrating the important role they play in strengthening our communities.

Allowing everyone the opportunity to give, North Texas Giving Day does not restrict the size of a gift. On this day, the act of giving is more important than the size of the gift, whether it be a monetary or time donation.

If you don’t wish to give your dollars, you can always share your time and talents by pledging service hours or volunteering through North Texas Giving Day’s marquee volunteer events. You can also become an ambassador for your favorite nonprofit by creating your own FUNdraising page and activating your network. All you have to do is find your favorite cause(s) and pledge a gift.

Regardless of how you choose to give, know that your role as a giver increases the capacity of nonprofits to do their work. For example, The Trinity Strand Trail relies on donations to keep up on maintenance and landscaping, continue pathway development, and further safety efforts by adding additional lighting and trashcans.

While the above are directly related to The Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail, they also fit into a grander picture of helping to beautify and better Dallas. For one instance, The Trinity Strand Trail can use donations to commission artists to create murals bringing visual art to life. Additionally, this nonprofit organization is working to connect historic and urban Dallas with a non-motorized, recreational trail that will connect people to nature. This-in-turn helps to drive both the tourism industry and the local economy.

North Texas Giving Day is an opportunity to show the world our region’s generous spirit and that in these unprecedented times, North Texas can, and more importantly will, take care of each other. Remember, what you do today has the power to make tomorrow better. How will you answer the call on Thursday, September 17th, to do your part to build a stronger and more vibrant community?