The Trinity Strand Trail that runs along the Trinity River in Dallas was created to improve the lifestyle of every member of the Design District community and surrounding areas by allowing residents to have easy access to a peaceful environment of greenery and solitude.

The community members of the Design District and the surrounding areas can be healthier by using the trail for jogging, walking their dogs, running, biking, or meeting with friends. The trail is a beautiful and special spot for most who crave quick and safe exposure to nature just minutes away from their house.

Here are a few reasons why the trail is an essential part of the Design District and why it is a Dallas gem!

The mental and physical health benefits
With the Trinity Strand Trail, people get to have a safe and healthy environment for recreational opportunities. The people from Dallas can enjoy long walks, and fun bike rides with their family and friends. Cities with trails have proven to have better results when it comes to health and wellness.

Preservation of the community’s history and identity
Many community leaders were surprised by how trails have helped preserve the status and the history of their community. The Trinity Strand helps the Dallas community to be more proud of their cities as our organizers are working on restoring the natural greenery of the Old Meaders.

Environmental benefits
The effects of trails on the environment can almost be instantaneous. The trails help in providing protection and preservation to natural landscapes, plants, and animal species. More importantly, the Trinity Strand Trail can give the people of Dallas a glimpse of nature’s beauty with little to no environmental effect or damage while helping the Earth reduce its pollution rate.

Economic advantages for the city
Dallas also benefits significantly in the improvement of the Trinity Strand Trail as it brings in more businesses, residents, and workers in the city. It can be noted that as amenities help lands in the neighboring community increase in value. Residents and visitors support local businesses by spending for food and other retail industries. Plus, the Trail aids the number of job opportunities available to the Dallas community, as business owners set up camp in the area.

Builds a sense of community
Trails are a way for people to build stronger bonds within our community. Budding families in Dallas can find ways to teach their children how to socialize with their neighbors while being on the trail correctly. Their children can learn how to make friends and communicate with strangers in a friendly and courteous manner.

Trails like the Trinity Strand Trail also provide an excellent opportunity to teach children about safety. Parents can educate their kids about always staying on the right side of the trail and the importance of reflective clothing.

How can you help?

Trinity Strand Trail DallasHow can you help the mission of the Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail? Attend the biggest fundraiser of the year, the Dallas Jingle Bell Run, with its proceeds directly benefitting the Mavs Foundation and the Trinity Strand Trail! Donate or spend time on the trail as a volunteer. You can also become a member of the Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail, which comes with exclusive member benefits including swag and invitations to local events! We’re building a better Dallas and we need YOUR help to do it!